How do you get a 173 year old insurance company to become relevant to an emerging Gen-Z audience that’s not even thinking about insurance yet?
Be the brand that actually looks out for their wellbeing while tapping into the digital trends that resonate with them, like their love of dance and TikTok.

We created WeDo as a platform for holistic wellness, to actively get young people doing more towards a healthy lifestyle.
Then launched a world-first collaboration with K-Pop supergroup ‘SuperM’.
What followed was a social-led campaign where everything was designed to get people doing more for their wellbeing. From the song lyrics and dance choreography, a music video launch, TikTok dance challenges, exclusive filter releases, reaction videos, a virtual concert as well as daily motivational posts to keep fans going. And that they did, with millions of unique dances posted to TikTok and IG.
Engagements reached over 63M.

Here’s the full music video:

A snapshot of some of the campaign and dance responses to date.