For teenagers across America, 2020 was a year of up and downs, endless time locked in at home, away from their best friends and their classrooms. Studies are showing gen-Z has felt the highest impact on their mental health than any other demographic throughout the pandemic.

With Back To School time fast approaching in 2021, there’s still a lot of uncertainty as to what ‘school’ even looks like, and coupled with the usual pressure and stress of school it adds a whole new level of anxiety to their world. 

JanSport set out to support Gen Z in this time with a new comedy variety show that would get them laughing off the uncertainty of their world and help them cope better with their mental health. Each episode passes the mic to different Gen Z talent to be the voice of their own generation.
More than just a good laugh, Disorientation is a platform for teens to engage in, discuss their issues and even contribute their own skits, serving as a launchpad for future stars.

Full episodes on JanSport’s Youtube:

Here’s some PR on the  launch:

Here’s a fun teaser we created: